... If you and your organization face the ongoing challenges in this unforgiving economy of acquiring and retaining customers, motivating teams, and increasing sales, then you've landed at the right place.

We don't mean to be presumptuous, but the next few minutes you spend here at Training for Winners could make a real impact on your business, your team, your organization, and you!

Let's face it...there comes a time when the old methods, the traditional thinking, the sacred cows just don't work like they used to — and that time is now. This is where Training for Winners can help.

It's been said that "Professional development doesn't cost. It pays."

"Gee, can we afford it?" Well, it should really be "Gee, can we afford NOT to?" Sure, these are tough times. But they are tough times for the other guys, too! How are you doing against your comp set?

The American Society for Training and Development reports that the average training time per employee among companies is 28 hours a year. Are you even close to hitting this average?

And, by the way, who says you should be "average"? Well, your competition certainly hopes that YOU do!

Gary R. Hernbroth

Chief Motivating Officer & Founder

Training for Winners


RE-TOOL so they don't become obsolete and lose steps to your competition

RE-FOCUS because it will make them better, especially if they've taken their eyes off the ball

RE-INVIGORATE so fundamentals and execution remain sharp; A pause to take a fresh look at things will always help you

RE-GROUP to overcome obstacles and create seamlessness, as it's easy to spin around in a daily maze, fooling yourself that you are really accomplishing something

RE-COMMIT to the pursuit of excellence, because the marketplace demands it, and it's too easy to settle for "good enough"


Even if you consider your team to be "at the top" -- Who is trying to knock you off your perch right at this moment? What are you doing to avoid complacency? And if you're not at the top of the heap, why not? What are you doing to get there?

Training for Winners can help you. Please explore how...

Executive Committee members of the Georgian Terrace Hotel in Atlanta circulate a cardboard casket during a Halloween-themed TFW management training workshop in October, so that the managers can begin putting to rest the "gravestones" they identified in the training -- Those procedures, inhibitors, and S.O.P.'s that need to be improved upon or eliminated in the name of increasing service and performance.

Gary (center) with Steven Sweeney and Steve Peterson, co-founders of WebKPI, at their recent Quickbooks Pro and Business Coaches Meet-up in the Silicon Valley (CA), where Gary was the featured speaker. "His program, 'Increase Your Business Through Personal Branding', offered several valuable ideas to our group about growing their businesses, sales, marketing, partnering, and staying ahead of the next wave. It was an engaging presentation that gave everyone some great take-aways," said Steve.


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