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Deloitte reported recently that corporate spend on training increased 10% over the previous year, and spending on learning programs rose to $1,004 per employee. Those are your competitors. What are YOU doing about learning/growth/training to keep your team or organization sharp?

Your time and your team's time is very precious. We know that. We're here to help. Strength and conditioning for your team is not a luxury, it's a necessity.

Today's pace of business barely leaves enough time to breathe. But you know that if you don't take time to sharpen your skills and those of your team, it will show up somewhere, somehow -- Maybe as a lost customer, or a bungled sales opportunity such as a poor initial prospecting call that killed any potential future business, or maybe a closing attempt that could have been handled better before your competition got the business.

Why are We Different?

We've customized training and development for more than 20,000 executives, owners, managers, buyers, and front-line teams since 1995. What makes Training for Winners different?

Christo Popov, CEO of Fast Track, writes that "Common problems exist in some companies' training programs. The big one is having no strategic focus to their training. Companies don’t train employees in the skills most critical to the business’s stage of development... and they spend too little time on implementation."

At Training for Winners, we help in the implementation. And we tie into the strategic focus through extensive due diligence. We don't just show up and throw up. We stay with the program, offering follow-up coaching to help insure that the training tools are implemented by the participants and are better understood as time goes on beyond the workshops.

Clients tell us that other programs often fall short of being both interesting and useful -- qualities we feel should be mandatory, and we commit to those on every assignment. Interesting training enriches your life, energizes you, makes you wonder, challenges you, makes learning fun, and ideally increases loyalty to the organization. Useful training offers a practical skill critical to the current stage of organizational development, presented in direct, easy-to-understand ways. It should be essential to the job you have to perform in the next 6-12 months, for a start.

Kick the Canned Approach!

Forget the generic, canned training programs -- You know, the ones that promise to fix everything for everyone in every situation. Let's keep it real. We'll customize your program or presentation for you and your team or organization, because that's the best way to do it. After all, nothing works every time for everybody in every situation. We know that, and we will help and inspire your people with real tools that they can put into practice. We will also stay with the process if you choose, and coach them beyond the initial workshops.

We can do as deep a dive as you wish, or as your time and resources allow. Our strategic and tactical solutions have been helping teams and organizations achieve better RESULTS in sales, service, leadership, and personal growth since 1995. Don't ask us, ask our clients. We'll gladly put you in touch.


The sales teams of the Fort Worth CVB and the North Charleston Embassy Suites Hotel gather with Gary after their respective training sessions, proudly showing their buckets that were a component of the training. Each participant was tasked with developing their own "bucket list" items during the workshops, and writing them on their personalized buckets with Sharpie Pens. They now have not only a momento of the sessions but also a physical reminder of their goals to work on.


Here are some of our most-requested training topic areas:


* Comprehensive sales training: Working your sales funnel -- Prospecting, networking, qualifying, presenting, negotiating, closing, customer care, trade show selling, and working client events -- All of the key elements that go into the art of effective salesmanship, including the critical keys to being consultative vs. commodity-based in your approach

* Personal branding: Creating, nurturing, & utilizing your brand for success

* Using social media for greater sales and network-building results

* Accountability and how to achieve it across all levels of teams and team leaders

* Writing skills for effective emails, proposals, RFPs: The forgotten art

* Customer service excellence: Making everyone a salesperson; Examining those critical Moments of Truth that impact your customers and teams

* Think like an owner: Taking an entreprenurial approach to improving workplace performance

* Management, supervisory, & leadership skills; Understanding the 13 dynamics of a thriving team; Team-building & cohesiveness; Building trust and accountability

* Building seamlessness & tearing down silos in your organization

* Understanding different personality styles, how they interact and influence one another, and how to make them work together better

* Time and priority management: How to use the clock instead of blaming it; Handling multiple priorities successfully and recognizing time-drainers

* One-on-one performance coaching (Including between-visits coaching), plus phone and internet coaching sessions

* Strategic planning & facilitation; Goal-setting, action-planning

* Sales/Service mystery shopping services


Play is healthy and fun! We believe in "work hard play hard," so we often incorporate some type of play, light competition, or problem-solving into the team-building aspect of the workshops. Here, members of the sales team of the North Charleston Embassy Suites Hotel build hospitality-themed words via the "Bananagrams" game to compete against the rest of the team for top honors and fun prizes. "C'mon, we need another vowel!"





We can tailor your program to encompass the entire organization, or stream-line it for segments such as front-line teams, supervisors, mid-management, upper management, or owners/operators.

Our unique benefit and a key ingredient to Training for Winners is that Gary and his training associates provide complimentary between-visits coaching. This helps your team members retain the training concepts, work smarter toward their goals, take the newly-learned tools out for a road test, adjust their methods, and overcome the obstacles they encounter. This increases the effectiveness of the training (and your R.O.I.). 



Gary with the team of VisitOakland, including President/CEO Alison Best, CDME (2nd from left) as they gather for Gary's sales training event entitled "Selling Together -- It's What Makes Us Better." The 35 participants came from Oakland's business and hospitality community. The program included a peer-to-peer learning session and a Q & A panel of 5 veteran meeting/event planners.


The sales teams of the Mobile Bay CVB and Mobile's Outlaw Convention Center made a colorful poster of their training topics covered in their TFW workshop, so as to capture the training points to help track their commitments and take-aways from the sessions.


"When was the last time..."

Please allow us to ask a tough couple of questions here: When was the last time your team got together in a dedicated environment for learning (no phones, no texting, all hands on deck), totally focused on getting better?

We're not talking about the typically dull sales or manager's weekly meetings, but a true-blue opportunity to learn new skills and solve issues together. Successful teams find a way to stop and invest the quality time needed to do this.

Your workshops will be extremely interactive, as seen on these pages. Your participants will become engaged and involved through a combination of individual exercises, group exercises, presentations, role-playing, table groups, and problem-solving. Everyone rolls up their sleeves and takes ownership for their part in the success of the group.

With Training for Winners, you'll get a partner that works like we are part of your team!

"Constructing New Ideas" was the theme in Monterey for the sales and services team at the Portola Hotel & Spa in Monterey, CA. To help drive the points home, participants worked together to construct individual wooden models that related to their prospecting and selling efforts. Caution: Salespeople at work -- Hard hat area only!





Groups often take the opportunity to incorporate fun team-building "field trips" in conjunction with Gary's programs, such as this dining tour by the Austin TX Convention & Visitors Bureau after his sales training workshop.





Mad scientists? No, just another fun team-building field trip to go along with the training! Gary and Michael Garrow, Director of Sales & Marketing of the Meadowood Resort in Napa Valley, mix up their own wine blend during a "winemaker for the day" program in Napa with the sales team after Gary's training workshop.



Table-group discussions are employed during many of  the training workshops, as they allow people to have a hand in discussing issues, dilemmas, opportunities, and goals together in a small setting.


Time to roll up our sleeves, move around, and dive in! We enable individuals and small groups many opportunities to mix it up and mingle with different participants during the day, in order to get involved and tackle their top issues together.    
The management team of the beautiful Stanford Court Hotel atop Nob Hill in San Francisco gather with Gary after a 2nd day of training on leadership skills, communication tools, and personal branding keys. This fun-loving group showed their creative sides using Gary's workshop exercises that included crayons and plenty of Play-Doh.    
Gary "cooked up" a lively management training workshop at the annual management conference for Premiere Food Service, Inc., which manages several corporate dining centers, primarily located in Michigan. Corporate Operations Director/Principal is Jeremy Mourey (center).    



An Adult Field Trip To Remember!

A VERY unique way to learn via a field trip to historic sites, battlefields, etc. This program turns the lessons of history into the business solutions for today!


Gary at the Chancellorsville battlefield near Fredericksburg, VA, with client Gary Winkler, Senior Executive, US Army Program Executive Office/Enterprise Information Systems; Victoria Mathews, Conference Sales Manager, City of Fredericksburg VA; and Scott Walker, Tourmaster, Hallowed Ground Tours.

This new program is unique to anything your group will ever do as a team. Guaranteed.

Here is how it works:

As facilitator and trainer, Gary draws from the actual historic event the various challenges facing organizations today, such as: Command & leadership, planning, strategy & tactics, communication, effective use of resources, succession planning, teamwork, information-gathering, overcoming obstacles, etc.

Your group will enjoy a tour of the actual battlefield or historic site with professionally-licensed guides, then move into a workshop (or working lunch/dinner) setting to discuss and dissect the aspects of the event that can be applied as lessons to help move your organization forward. The topics are customized for your group's goals.

As an example:

The 80-person US Army PEO-EIS "Staff Ride" (pictured above) for "Battlefields-to-Business" began its day with an opening luncheon workshop led by Gary, setting the tone of the historic events surrounding the Battle of Chancellorsville during the American Civil War. This was held at a hotel in nearby Fredericksburg, VA.

Gary exposed the group to a battle overview, and explained what aspects to look for on the battlefield tour as they related to the group's current-day business model. The 3-hour tour of the Fredericksburg/Chancellorsville battlegrounds followed (utilizing 2 luxury buses), with notable Tourmaster Scott Walker providing an excellent narration of the battle's key events at several sites specifically chosen for this program.

Following the tour, the group returned to the hotel and enjoyed a lovely reception and working dinner to discuss the day's findings, where specific elements of the battle were assigned to each table so that the group could discuss and apply the lessons from history to their own business challenges.

Comments recieved after the program were very enthusiastic:


"...Gary, thank you for everything you did for us at the offsite. You made a difference in providing that linkage between the historical battle and the

leadership lessons learned.  It was obvious that you really knew the

material and you did a great job with the facilitation."

"Gary, we really enjoyed your session. It was very informative. You spoke with such passion for your topic... You obviously know this battle inside and out.. We think you're great and want to work with you on future endeavors."

"Gary and Scott did a terrific job of customizing this program for a client that plans everything to the nines. Gary had several detailed discussions with them in advance in order to provide the customization that they were looking for. In fact, during the tour, Gary was asked, 'Where is our next one going to be?'" remarked Victoria Mathews, Conference Sales Manager, City of Fredericksburg.



PLEASE NOTE: These training components are some of our most popular topics, but due to space and brevity, not all programs are listed. Consider this a "Greatest Hits" approach as suggested by our clients, and please understand that every program is fully customized. We are creating new material all the time, so if you don't see your particular focus area here, please ask!


Explore our site for customized training programs/presentations, and professional speaker topics available today!


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