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Gary’s much-anticipated upcoming book “Twist the Familiar” is scheduled for release in April/May 2024, per the publisher, ALIVE Book Publishing (Alamo, CA).

From the publisher: “Everyone at ALIVE is excited to be publishing Gary’s first, soon-to-be bestseller, “Twist the Familiar.” If you’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Gary, as we have, you already know that he is a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom. When it comes to communication and public speaking, sales and marketing, and business in general, he’s the guy you want in your corner. With this book, you will have the opportunity to own a written collection of Gary’s business coaching lessons as part of your personal success library!”


What’s the driving force behind “Twist the Familiar”?

Readers will find Twist the Familiar to be a transformative book for today’s success-oriented sales professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants a boost to find that extra gear.

With his keen knack for storytelling, Gary weaves many of his own diverse experiences along with those of others into a tapestry of impactful insights and techniques that illustrate how to create authentic success and stand out from the crowd. Through colorful stories curated to inspire and encourage readers, Gary crafts lessons in a variety of critical business topics important to today’s professionals.

As a bonus, Gary’s unique coaching approach carries this book a step further by helping readers create their own personal playbook for success. This is truly an invaluable tool for those looking to make a difference.


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