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Released on July 2, 2024, Twist the Familiar is chock full of curated stories that work as coaching lessons to help readers build their own playbook for success. It is designed to be a transformative resource for today’s success-oriented business leaders, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants a boost to find that extra gear.

Hall of Fame Coach Bob Ladouceur was moved to write the book’s foreword. “It’s so easy to understand yet hard to put down. It just flows. It’s straightforward, common sense!”

This book weaves diverse experiences of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They twist the familiar and create authentic success by standing out from the crowd. These colorful chapters include a collection of Gary’s experiences plus many others who also have valuable stories to tell in a variety of business topics.

Simply put, Twist the Familiar was written to help readers create more success for themselves and others. Readers will join Gary on learning adventures in a variety of impactful settings, such as Pebble Beach, Pearl Harbor, an NFL training camp, hotels, golf courses, conference rooms, sports, a hospital ICU, a Civil War battlefield, and a U.S. Army base, to name a few. Even The Beatles make an appearance.

An honest and straightforward treat with a dash of humor in the right places, Twist the Familiar reflects life itself as it asks questions, offers solutions, inspires, and illuminates people on all levels.


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