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Gary’s upcoming first book “Twist the Familiar” is now in the hands of his publisher, ALIVE Book Publishing (Alamo, CA). Stay tuned for its exciting release slated for Q1 in 2024!

From the publisher: “Everyone at ALIVE is excited to be publishing Gary’s first, soon-to-be bestseller, “Twist the Familiar.” If you’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Gary, as we have, you already know that he is a wellspring of knowledge and wisdom. When it comes to communication and public speaking, sales and marketing, and business in general, he’s the guy you want in your corner. With “Twist the Familiar” you will have the opportunity to own a written collection (albeit a partial one) of Gary’s wisdom, as part of your personal success library!”

What’s the driving force behind “Twist the Familiar”?


Simply, it’s about thinking, acting, and operating in creative ways so as to stand out from all the noise and competition. Gary treats his readers with a stunning collection of memorable experiences from a vast array of people and organizations throughout his career and travels. He writes with a unique style that encourages readers to say, “Hey, I can do that, too!” This non-fiction book is a very streetwise approach to creating success.


“When we stop learning, we stop growing, and when we stop growing, well, you know the alternative to that isn’t great,” Gary explains. “I set out compiling my book’s material with the belief that we can and should be learning all the time, no matter the titles or positions we achieve. My book offers terrific stories and lessons learned, whether from my own experiences or those of other people who have achieved uncommon results by finding that extra gear and putting their creativity to use. It’s about taking risks and being bold to solve challenges. That, in a nutshell, is the essence of learning ways to twist the familiar.”


Gary’s book is an exciting adventure of motivational and practical lessons designed to help readers craft their own playbooks for success. Each section asks compelling coaching questions to help drive the ideas home and also challenge readers to apply the lessons in their own way. People at all levels – from emerging professionals and mid-level managers to entrepreneurs, savvy veteran performers, and business owners – will glean ideas and inspiration that they can put into immediate use.


“Twist the Familiar” is chock full of coaching moments as Gary takes readers on learning journeys in diverse settings such as luxury hotels, Pearl Harbor, Valley Forge, Pebble Beach, boardrooms, sales trips, a U.S. Army base, high school football, college basketball, a hospital, and a Civil War battlefield, to name a few.


What’s behind the unique title?


The phrase “Twist the Familiar” came about as a happy accident or an epiphany, depending on how you look at it. Gary coined the term several years ago when speaking to his audience about taking a different approach to doing something that was mundane and ordinary. He had a momentary brain lock looking for the right phrase, for something different than the trite “think outside the box.” As he was moving his arms in a twisting motion, the words “Twist the Familiar” suddenly popped into his head. He quickly satisfied his audience’s curiosity about this new term, explaining that it meant taking what is the norm or ordinary and twisting it so that it stands apart from the crowd and the rest of the noise, in a good way. The term caught on and he knew he was on to something.


Readers get to build their own customized game plans


Gary’s clients call him their “strength and conditioning coach,” and for very good reasons. It’s what he does. And that translates perfectly to the format of “Twist the Familiar.” He helps readers get in better business shape by taking an inward look at their approaches to what they do and how they do it – and then he helps them craft their take-aways into a customized playbook.


Gary writes from the heart, and his straightforward lessons resonate with immediacy. Through practical strategies and easy-to-use tactics this book will inspire readers, help them formulate their own game plans, and ultimately put them in a position to be more successful.


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