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Gary’s book “Twist the Familiar” is in its editing stage. Stay tuned for its exciting release coming soon!

What’s the driving force behind the books?

Keeping it real. Gary has compiled the best of his many memorable lessons and experiences from a vast array of people and organizations throughout his speaking and business career, along with his most popular published business articles. He’s crafted an entertaining set of three books with stories  of real people and real situations that will inspire and entertain today’s business professionals by offering learning and inspiration along the way. He writes with a unique style that encourages readers to say, “Hey, I can do that, too!”

“When we stop learning, we begin the process of dying,” Gary explains. “And who wants to hurry that along? So I set out compiling my book ideas with the belief that we can and should be learning all the time, no matter the titles we’ve achieved or the experiences we’ve lived through. I’ve assembled terrific stories and lessons learned, whether from my own experiences or those of other common people achieving uncommon results by doing what might appear to be “little things” in a big or different way. It’s about taking approaches that many other people don’t usually think to take. That, in a nutshell, is really the essence of ‘twisting the familiar.’

I believe that everyone’s got stories to tell, and that we can all learn a lot from those little things that happen in our lives. Unfortunately, these days many people move so fast they don’t seem to notice the lessons right in front of them. My books aren’t written for a specific industry, although there is a healthy dose of hospitality in there since those are my roots (and who can’t use a dose of hospitality in their business?). It’s much more than that.

Traits I write about such as thinking big, applying creativity and using logic transfer across all industries and ranks. Readers will be entertained and motivated in these books by learning from other people — how they go about their business, how they accomplish what they’ve accomplished. Big ideas, small ideas. Even in today’s specialized world, it is critical to be multi-skilled — learning should never be done within a silo. Thus, it makes for a great read for people at all levels of experience and positions.

When people dive into my books, they will see that everything is within reach — if they so choose to take the leap. They will learn from many successes, yet there are also stories of failures and setbacks where people found a way to bounce back and learn from those moments, too. It’s a very street-wise approach to success.”

What’s behind the title?

“Twist the Familiar” came about as a happy accident or an epiphany, depending on how you look at it. Gary coined the term a few years ago when, as he was speaking to his audience about taking a different approach to doing something mundane and ordinary, he had a momentary brain lock trying to avoid using the over-used and trite phrase “think outside the box.” Searching for the right words, “Twist the Familiar” suddenly popped into his head. He quickly satisfied his audience’s curiosity as to this new term by explaining that it meant taking what is the norm or ordinary and twisting it so that it stands apart among the crowd and the noise. The term caught on and he knew he was on to something.

It’s about being innovative, different, breaking the mold.

“People have been saying to me for some time, ‘Gary, with all of your many experiences with such a wide variety of people and organizations throughout your career, you should write a book,’ so I took the hint,” Gary explains. “And when people ask me how long I’ve been writing the books, I tell them ‘All my life!'”

Business veterans and emerging professionals alike will find Gary’s lessons immediately useful, as he loves to help people un-complicate the complicated and challenge status quo thinking. He’ll show you the solid advantages of twisting the familiar. It’s non-fiction weaved into compelling storytelling. Gary keeps it real.

What’s in it for you?

Gary’s clients call him their “strength and conditioning coach” for a very good reason. It’s what he does. And his lessons will help readers get in better business shape by offering them a veritable playbook that enables them to kick up their games. He helps readers take an inward look at their approaches to what they do and how they do it.

This exciting journey is designed to enhance readers’ know-how in sales, customer service, personal branding, leadership, teambuilding, executive development, job transition and life skills. His tales from a hospitality business career will resonate for everyone, no matter their industry. He promises his readers that there are no complicated charts to figure out, no long lists to memorize. His lessons resonate with immediacy through practical strategies and easy-to-use tactics that will help readers formulate their own game plan and put them in a position to be more successful.

Gary writes from the heart, and his straightforward approach pulls no punches.

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